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[ Letter 3 ]

oh my God..
*  I
Opened the window in a hall specially closed by parents 
A room became light
As in a dark kingdom, really!
* I
came back with a chocolate, with green tea.
the bath is being filled with water and incredibly sweet smelled bubbles
A hand turned on tv arbitrarily. There was a comedy
Well that's fine!
Anyway I can't believe that this cool beautiful weather on the 8th of March is gonna disappear

-  it is so bad for me.
maybe, it's only next scenery to so remarkable and lyric day.
Plans, plans.. there are many plans at this day,
but they are so pleasant.
if i were a celebrity, paparazzi would take a great number of my remarkable pictures.
On all of the pictures I would smile as greatly as it was possible, and maybe I would make some album with these funny pictures
i'll make some fotoalbum with this funy pictures.
 In the evening I will be in one of my elements.
I will be at a concert.
I will listen to favourite music, sing to hoarseness, maybe i'll cry.
Yes. I'll cry, because of happiness, from the repletion of emotions, tearing apart me from within.
They will be so many, that tears are the unique method to leave all my emotions
my fate will be decided in two months.
maybe, from plenty of emotions, I will have changes in a psyche,
but during these two months I tempered my sick brain to the limit.
But however it's terrible.

P.S.: please, sorry for my bad english.
I'm just studing it.

[ Letter 2 ]

* copied all of announcements and spread it where she could*
if someone of you knows a better man than jared, please, you'll tell me about it.
i just want to know that he couldn't be the only one. please..

[ Letter 1 ]

*зарядилась разнообразными напитками на целый день*
Не могу уже пить зеленый чай. У меня от него горло ещё больше дерет,
словно всячески сопротивляется против него. Надо переходить на нечто другое.
Я уже запланировала писать книгу. Да-да.. можете не улыбаться.
Всё ту же, о которой упоминалось несколько постами раньше.
Творческому человеку нужно уметь проявляться в разных направлениях, искать себя.
На сегодняшний день это будет создание мира иллюзий.
Мило? Ну посмотрим.
здесь должна была быть более толковая вещь, но если решусь написать -
 вы первыми это прочтете.
Мне стоит лишь отредактировать этот пост.



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